Together, we are transforming paralysis recovery treatment in North America.

Our goal for 2020 is to raise $450,000 to keep two important research projects on schedule.

(1) Edgerton Neuromuscular Research Laboratory | UCLA
The first 5 of 24 patients with quadriplegia have begun the world's largest spinal neuromodulation treatment study focused on recovering hand 'gripping' function.

Your gift today will ensure the next 7 patients can start their treatment in January 2021.

(2) Neural Engineering Laboratory | Mayo Clinic
In 2021, 4 patients with paraplegia will join the next phase of a research study that was the first in the world to 'validate' paralysis recovery results using spinal neuromodulation treatment

Your gift today will ensure these 4 patients can start treatment in the New Year.

Thank you for being a BEL13VER!




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